Details about the first gathering of the OCLC Research Library Partnership are now online. FutureCast will help us collectively imagine the future environment that will impact our work: higher education, electronic publishing, and consumer technology. I think of this as a “think up” exercise — research libraries do not exist in a vacuum, and when considering our future, it’s not only important but vital that we take into consideration the larger environment.

The meeting will be heavily discussion driven — guided by keynote speakers and response panels, we’ll discuss and collectively forecast what the impact will be on the research library enterprise. How can we prepare for the future? What do we need to do take us from here to there? The conversation and outcomes will be lively, will guide our future collaborative activity, and will rely on your input—so be sure to attend!

This meeting is exclusively for members of the OCLC Research Library Partnership and invited guests. There is, as usual, no charge. Are you a member of the OCLC Research Library Partnership? Please register! Not sure? < Get in touch!