CNI slakes all appetites

CNI Briefings are such a great opportunity to see old friends meet new friends and get smarter — all at breakneck speed. I treasure the opportunities to get updates on familiar topics and to be exposed to newer initiatives. The sessions are pitched at a perfect level to get current in an efficient way.
Merrilee and I gave a session titled, “Out of the Eddies and into the Mainstream: Making Special Collections Less Special and More Accessible.” It chewed through nine OCLC Research reports (four of which are in various stages of pre-publication) and offered up the morsels of wisdom contained therein. Bite-sized and easily digestible! The slides are available on SlideShare. We’ve provided notes (the tab next to comments) for those who weren’t there, so that none of the morsels slip through the cracks.
In addition to the feast of session topics, CNI puts on a pretty good spread in between sessions, too. I took full advantage of both.

Ricky Erway, Senior Program Officer at OCLC Research, worked with staff from the OCLC Research Library Partnership on projects ranging from managing born digital archives to research data curation. Ricky left OCLC in 2015.