See us at CNI next week!

A few of us will be attending the Coalition for Networked Information Membership Meeting in San Diego next Monday and Tuesday.

Jennifer will be giving a briefing on Managing Research Information for Researchers and Universities, which I think will nicely tie together some recent work and reports (ours and others). Ricky and I will be co-presenting on Out of the Eddies and into the Mainstream: Making Special Collections Less Special and More Accessible — like Jen, we’ll be summarizing a raft of our own work, and asking, “where do we go from here.” Unfortunately, both presentations are scheduled at the same time, from 10:30-11:30 Pacific on Tuesday April 5th. Jim Michalko will also be attending the meeting, so OCLC Research will be well represented.

If you’ll be in San Diego, I hope you’ll take some time to come to our presentations or otherwise track us down. If you aren’t able to attend in person, follow along on Twitter at #cni11s.