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You may have seen the announcement via one of our mailings but I want to draw your attention to the launch of the OCLC Research Channel on YouTube. This has been in the works for the last two months. We hope it fills a useful niche.

Our motivation was that there are a variety of projects and issue areas where we invest effort that produce substantial outputs – events, reports, and webinars – which demand a lot of time and attention from the consumer. I know that I’ve wished for a digested version of some of the webinars that I’ve sat through after their original broadcast. And there are interesting topics that are a bit too short to be a report or to warrant a webinar but still ought to have an audience.

We thought a short video that summarized a project or an issue would fill that gap e.g. ‘Everything you need to know about x in under ten minutes’. Dennis, Ricky, Roy and Melissa ran with the idea and we’ve launched with three videos and intend to have at least one new one per month. More if possible and we can engage some of our colleagues at our partner institutions.

One use case that we discussed was the need to have a staff discussion about a topic and using one of our OCLC Research Shorts as the kick-off material. We’ve tried to keep that in mind as these initial productions were assembled. We also tried to keep them fun. We know we’re not TED conference speakers but balancing some entertainment value with topical substance seemed a reasonable goal.

We’ll be anxious to hear your feedback and we hope that you’ll subscribe.

Jim coordinates the OCLC Research office in San Mateo, CA, focuses on relationships with research libraries and work that renovates the library value proposition in the current information environment.

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