Those Who Play Together, Hang Together

Here at we like to have fun. My colleague Merrilee is a case in point. You can often find her toodling around in a cupcake or a pumpkin-like vehicle on The Playa. And sometimes we even play together, as we did about ten days ago.

On Sunday, July 11 my colleagues Jennifer Schaffner, Jim Michalko, Ricky Erway, Jackie Dooley, a friend of hers, and I all went down the South Fork of the American River in a paddle boat. We paddled, we laughed, we got thoroughly wet, we fell into the boat (thankfully not OUT of it), we got tanned and/or burned, and we had a great picnic lunch catered by Jennifer. I recommend it highly.

Roy Tennant works on projects related to improving the technological infrastructure of libraries, museums, and archives.

4 Comments on “Those Who Play Together, Hang Together”

  1. Hugh, I know you’re joking (and a good one, too), but I can’t resist answering. The short answer to your question is “Yes”. The long answer is that although there may be some small peril in rafting, those who are smart go with a professional guide who knows how to do it safely. So yes, you can entrust the development of library services and infrastructure to those who are smart enough to do a dangerous thing right. And who can have fun doing it.

  2. Should we be entrusting the development of library services and infrastructure to folk who are so carefree about their own personal futures…?? Still, at least nobody is shown smoking a cigarette!

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