Terminologies in action

A few weeks ago I listened in on Karen Coombs TAI-CHI webinar “OCLC Web Services in action” (you can find the slides here, and watch the webinar here). Even though I work at OCLC, I’m not always as up to speed on what’s going on as I should be, so I was quite amazed at just how many web services are available, and the variety of use cases.

I was particularly gratified to see the Terminology Services being put to use in several different prototypes, since Günter, Diane, Andy and I pulled together our Strawman document and held a meeting on uses of termonolgies way back when. All of the prototype work has been done around our top vote getter, which was “leveraging terminologies for search optimization.”

I particularly like this example, from Demian Katz (via Karen Coombs) which shows how VuFind could be used with WorldCat Identities and OCLC Terminology Services to provide users with suggested terms.

Terminology Services is quite experimental at this point — Karen and others who work with our Developers’ Network are looking for feedback in order to gauge the community’s level of interest in the Terminology Services before committing the resources to make it a production service. So if you have ideas about how to put the power of terminologies to work, I hope you will give it a whirl!

Other examples of use of the Terminologies Service are featured in the Application Gallery. You can also view other offerings in our TAI CHI webinar series.

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