Pick of the week: ATF 12 March 2010

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Thanks to my colleagues in Research for their informed commentary. Here’s the pick of the week.

Ebooks What Ebooks? (External site)

The Auricle   •  February 21, 2010

When is an ebook not an ebook? When it’s not downloaded to a portable e-reader device, says author Derek Morrison, who notes that some recent ebook usage studies have based their conclusions on ebooks that are accessible only on a laptop or PC screen for a limited time period. Read on for a discussion of tethered vs. untethered models and what this may mean as we ease into the e-reader era. [See also Highlighting E-Readers for a discussion on using the Kindle for academic research.]

A thoughtful article on tethered (i.e., each page accessed separately) or untethered (whole books downloaded at once) with an aside comparing monochrome E-ink screens with full color devices. Good arguments about the dangers of depending on content that demands continuous connection. I find iPhone-sized screens a bit small for reading on, but Morrison prefers them to larger format screens, citing their added convenience and comfortably small amount of text to absorb at one time.

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