Library, Archive and Museum (Journals) Collaboration

Two out of three journal special issues on library, archive and museum collaboration edited by Paul Marty have now been published. You’ll find articles from Archival Science and Museum Management and Curatorship at their respective websites behind a paywall. The Library Quarterly issue seems to be due in January.

I can only imagine the organizational effort it took to coordinate these LAM issues, and Paul lived to tell the story:

“Creating one unified special triple issue on this theme involved working with three different publishers, three different journal management systems, and three different publication schedules. Even with the good will and full support of everyone involved (including the publishers, editors, and authors), the act of putting these issues together was challenging.”

I searched Google, OAISter and, for good measure, E-LIS for pre-prints of the articles, and I leave it up to your imagination to divine which search surfaced the two pre-prints I found. Luckily enough, I already knew where the pre-print for the article Ricky and I wrote lives, so that makes three.

If you are an author of one of the articles below, and your contract allows you to publish pre-prints (as the Archival Science and Museum Management and Curatorship seem to, judging by the precendent), please make your article available in pre-print to maximize the reach of its ideas. You can comment on this post with your link. I’ve received my copies of the journals through the amazing folks at our OCLC in-house Library, and I’ll post impressions when I’m done reading. Look for the journals at a library near you here (L), here (A) and here (M).

Below is the list of articles from each journal, as well as links to the three pre-prints.

Archival Science (Volume 8, Issue 4):
• Archives, Libraries, Museums and the Spell of Ubiquitous Knowledge, by Thomas Kirchhoff, Werner Schweibenz, and Jörn Sieglerschmidt.
• Smithsonian Team Flickr: A Library, Archives, and Museums Collaboration in Web 2.0 Space, by Martin R. Kalfatovic, Effie Kapsalis, Katherine Spiess, Anne Van Camp, and Michael Edson [pre-print].
• Points of Convergence: Seamless long term access to digital publications and archival records at Library and Archives Canada, by Greg Bak and Pam Armstrong.
• Documentary Genre and Digital Recordkeeping: Red Herring or A Way Forward?, by Gillian Oliver, Yunhyong Kim, and Seamus Ross.
• iSchools and Archival Studies, by Richard J. Cox and Ronald L. Larsen.

Museum Management and Curatorship (Volume 24, Issue 4):
• Collaboration of Croatian Cultural Heritage Institutions: Experiences from Museums, by Sanjica Faletar Tanackovic and Boris Badurina.
• Think Global, Act Local: Library, Archive and Museum Collaboration, by Günter Waibel and Ricky Erway. [pre-print]
• The Convergence of Information Technology and Data Management for Digital Imaging in Museums, by Doug Emery, Michael B. Toth, and William Noel.
• Sharks, Digital Curation, and the Education of Information Professionals, by Joyce Ray.
• Emerging Convergence? Thoughts on museums, archives, libraries and professional training, by Jennifer Trant. [pre-print]

Library Quarterly (Volume 80, Issue 1):
• What’s Old is New Again: The Reconvergence of Libraries, Archives and Museums in the Digital Age, by Lisa M. Given and Lianne McTavish.
• The Convergence of Information Technology, Data and Management in a Library Imaging Program, by Fenella G. France, Doug Emery, and Michael B. Toth.
• Preservation in the Age of Google: Digitization, Digital Preservation, and Dilemmas, by Paul Conway.
• Two Librarians, an Archivist, and 13,000 Images: Collaborating to Build a Digital Collection, by Nancy Chaffin Hunter, Kathleen Legg, and Beth Oehlerts.

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  1. That’d be a grand thing to have, wouldn’t it? I don’t know of any developments along those lines.

    As far as other pre-prints are concerned, Paul Marty told me he’d urge authors to make them available. Stay tuned!

  2. Thanks for the link to your article, as I just found out the UIUC subscription to Museum Management & Curatorship was dropped after 2006.

    Are there any discussions about an OA journal in the museum field?

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