Welcome Mercy Procaccini and Thomas Padilla

Mercy Procaccini and Thomas Padilla

Mercy Procaccini and Thomas Padilla

We are very excited to welcome two new staff members to the OCLC Research Library Partnership team.

Mercy Procaccini will work the OCLC RLP network to develop and manage activities that engage partners in collaborative learning and sharing of knowledge for the benefit of partner institutions and the broader library community. Mercy’s role on the RLP team builds on her work as a project coordinator for WebJunction, our sister program in OCLC Research that delivers training to public library staff. Her work with WebJunction included projects that promoted cross-sector professional development in libraries, archives, and museums; fostered connections between libraries and Wikipedia; and supported libraries seeking to respond to the opioid crisis in partnership with their communities. Throughout these projects, Mercy worked with colleagues to develop the knowledge and skills of library staff so that they could confidently apply them to better serve their communities.

Thomas Padilla, currently Visiting Digital Research Services Librarian at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV), has joined OCLC Research as Practitioner Researcher-in-Residence. In this six-month half-time residency, Thomas will investigate and facilitate OCLC’s engagement with the library data science community and will help inform OCLC’s research agenda in this area. He will work collaboratively across OCLC, OCLC Research, and the OCLC RLP to develop an outreach and engagement plan to RLP members and other key stakeholders, plan the program for an in-person event following the OCLC RLP Research Retreat, and begin building relationships between OCLC and key researchers and data scientists in the field.

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