Happy World Digital Preservation Day! (Research Data Edition)

Today is World Digital Preservation Day (WDPD), a cherished tradition since … 2017. As part of the festivities, a host of individuals with connections to the digital preservation community were asked to contribute blog posts to the Digital Preservation Coalition (the principle organizer of WDPD) on any digital preservation-related topic. The posts have been appearing steadily since WDPD first dawned over the International Date Line, and will continue until the day officially closes at the same spot.

I am impressed by the posts I’ve seen so for – I highly recommend taking some time to dip into them. You’ll get a nice view of some of the latest thinking about digital preservation and related topics.

I was one of those invited to submit a post; it can be found here. I chose to talk about preserving research data sets – something that has been on my mind since our recent work with the Realities of Research Data Management project. I hope you’ll check it out as part of your WDPD celebration!

Brian Lavoie is a Research Scientist in OCLC Research. He has worked on projects in many areas, such as digital preservation, cooperative print management, and data-mining of bibliographic resources. He was a co-founder of the working group that developed the PREMIS Data Dictionary for preservation metadata, and served as co-chair of a US National Science Foundation blue-ribbon task force on economically sustainable digital preservation. Brian’s academic background is in economics; he has a Ph.D. in agricultural economics. Brian’s current research interests include stewardship of the evolving scholarly record, analysis of collective collections, and the system-wide organization of library resources.

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