Information architecture and music

Two former RLG staff members (and two of my favorite, really interesting people) recently met up in their current professional roles. Dylan Tweney, former RLG writer, now senior editor at, and keynote speaker at our 2007 RLG Partners meeting interviewed Zoe Keating about her music and creative process. Zoe Keating

Zoe is a fantastic cello player producing innovative music (and getting to play with other equally terrific musical talents). While at RLG she was the information architect for our RedLightGreen service. In this video interview she says

“My music is the fusion of information architecture and classical music,” Keating says in this video. “The way that you problem-solve in the world of technology … really lends itself to problem-solving with the kind of music that I do.”

Watch the interview, check out the performance video, and put both Dylan and Zoe into your feeds.

P.S. Some day I’m going to find those screenshots of RedLightGreen 😉

Jim coordinates the OCLC Research office in San Mateo, CA, focuses on relationships with research libraries and work that renovates the library value proposition in the current information environment.

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  1. The funny thing is, it took Zoe and me weeks to figure out the RLG connection. I interviewed her once, we exchanged a bunch of email messages, and then we did the video interview a few weeks later. The whole time both of us had this odd feeling that we knew each other but couldn’t figure out where from. It was a chance comment from Zoe at the end of our video shoot that led me to realize we’d both worked at RLG, though at barely overlapping times.

    There are so many interesting people who have worked at RLG. I’m honored to be considered part of that group, Jim!

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