Libraries versus IT

January 16th, 2009 by Merrilee

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a podcast series called, Tech Therapy. Episode 33, Libraries vs. IT Departments must have aired last fall, but only came to my attention this week. The discussion is interesting; the two speakers go over not only the differences between libraries and IT departments in a campus environment, but also the similarities. It’s an interesting listen, at only 13 minutes. I think the comparisons could work for archives versus IT, and maybe even museums versus IT (I’m less familiar with that area).

There are no solutions posed for bridging the gap, which is too bad. What are your solutions for getting libraries and IT departments onto the same page?

I found the discussion interesting and thought provoking, and I’m going to add Tech Therapy to my ever-growing list of podcasts!

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  1. Jim Michalko Says:

    Merrilee, Our Seattle-based colleague, Stu Weibel, wrote a nice post on tihs podcast earlier this week. Worth reading at