Mellon Award for Technology Collaboration and Archon

I’m just about blogged out for the day, but wanted to get in one more brief posting about the Mellon Award for Technology Collaboration (which are presented at CNI and recognize significant contributions in open source software development). I’m pleased to announce that Archon (a web-based open source archival information system) was one of several awards announced this evening. Even more exciting is that Archon won one of two $100,000 awards (the other award category is for $50,000, still plenty of dough).

Other awardees include: Kerberos (the other $100K award), LAMP, Panda 3D, Open Ocean Map, Mneme, Omeka, Pliny, Greenstone, WebAnywhere, and VUFind. Some of these projects have been around for a while, others are newer projects. I am familiar with about half of these projects, but they are all very impressive from the brief descriptions that were shared this afternoon.

I think I was one of a handful of people from the special collections community attending CNI, so I thought I would take a moment to get this news out there. I’m still kind of stunned that archival information management is sharing honors with network authentication, but it’s a great kind of stunned. Many congratulations to the team at UIUC for their efforts and the well-deserved recognition.

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