RLG Partners Among Early Grid Services Adopters

At the prompting of my colleague Constance Malpas, I pulled the list of current users of OCLC Grid Services [PDF] to see how many RLG Partner institutions have already signed up. I found 15 — some of whom are already heavy users such as the University of Michigan.

I was gratified to see a mix of institution types, with the Getty Research Institute and the American Museum of Natural History joining libraries like Yale University, NYU, and New York Public. By my rough calculation (hey, I wasn’t a math major so no guarantees) over 15% of those signed up are RLG Partner institutions. Considering that RLG Partners comprise significantly less than 15% of OCLC members I think it’s a pretty good showing.

I also want to point out that those institutions who jump in early (that would be now) can help shape the services we deploy and how. From that perspective the significant percentage of RLG Partner institutions means they will have a disproportionate say in how things develop. That’s just as well, since they are also the institutions most likely to have the developer bandwidth to integrate these services into their local service array.

For more information, as well as link to the form to fill out to get a key for your institution, see the WorldCat Developer’s Network.