OCLC Research Collective Collection Tournament: Round of 32 Bracket Revealed!

We are almost ready for the 2015 OCLC Research Collective Collections Tournament to begin! Here’s the bracket for the Round of 32, where we’ve randomly paired up all 32 conferences for the tournament’s first round competition.


[Click image to enlarge]

Competition will be based on a metric having to do with the contents of the collective collections – for example, it might be which conference has the most/highest/largest “something” in their collection. In the interest of fairness to all entrants in the Bracket Competition, we will not reveal the metric for the first round until after the entry period closes on March 19 (see below). Otherwise, those who enter after the metric is revealed would be able to take this into account when making their conference choice, while those who entered earlier would not.

Speaking of the Bracket Competition, THERE IS STILL TIME TO ENTER!!! Read the Official Rules, choose your favorite conference, and enter by 5 PM Eastern time, Thursday, March 19, 2015. You could win a fabulous prize!

Results of the first round competition will be posted on Friday, March 20.

Brian Lavoie is a Research Scientist in OCLC Research. He has worked on projects in many areas, such as digital preservation, cooperative print management, and data-mining of bibliographic resources. He was a co-founder of the working group that developed the PREMIS Data Dictionary for preservation metadata, and served as co-chair of a US National Science Foundation blue-ribbon task force on economically sustainable digital preservation. Brian’s academic background is in economics; he has a Ph.D. in agricultural economics. Brian’s current research interests include stewardship of the evolving scholarly record, analysis of collective collections, and the system-wide organization of library resources.