The Complete List of Robin Williams Movies*

How many do you remember?

With the tragic news of Robin Williams’ death, I started thinking of all of the wonderful movies he made and decided to put together this list. I share it here in remembrance of a very talented man who has left behind an amazing body of work.

I was surprised at how many I did and didn’t remember and at how broad and deep his movie career was. He made over 50 movies and worked with a lot of impressive co-stars and directors. I had a lot of fun this morning reminiscing with friends about all the movies we did and didn’t remember. For example, I totally forgot he was in Hamlet with Kenneth Branagh and Insomnia with Al Pacino. And Let’s not even start on the comedies of the 1980s (all of which I saw in the theatre. No, I did, I admit it. And I loved them).

The Movies of Robin Williams

(In chronological order. Click to find the movie in your local library via WorldCat)

Of course, he did a lot of T.V. too, and stand up and documentaries and wrote a couple of biographies. These you can also find in WorldCat and at your local library. Try this search to find more: Robin Williams.

In case you were wondering, my personal favs: (1)Fisher King – everything about it; (2)the dance rehearsal scene from BirdCage;(3) the radio scenes from Good Morning Vietnam; and (4)Good Will Hunting.

(*OK it’s as complete as I could make it and I did include one T.V. show. But come on, I couldn’t leave out Mork and Mindy. I grew up on that show.)

I will always remember Robin Williams and his incredible talent.

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  1. You forgot Everyone’s Hero {2006}. An animated movie about Babe Ruth’s lucky bat. He played an uncredited character named Napoleon Cross. And also his earliest film: 1977 – “Can I Do It ‘Till I Need Glasses?”

  2. Hi Carol,
    Thanks for the info. I had a couple movies where he was uncredited and decided not to include them since – well he was uncredited and I hadn’t actually seen any of them and couldn’t be sure he was in actually in them. :) And I did have “Can I Do It ‘Till I Need Glasses?” (1977) on my list – but then we couldn’t find it in WC to link to it and then debated about leaving it in. But I think you’re right. That movie at least should be on my list, even if WC doesn’t have it.
    Thanks again,

  3. He also played a small uncredited part (John Jacob Jinglheimer Schmidt) in “To Woo FongThanks For Everything, Julie Newmar”. (1995)

  4. I remember watching Jumanji when i was little (elementary school i think) and that was really fun, really good movie. That was also the first time i know Robin Williams. I really admire him. He was a great actor, the BEST actor.

    RIP Robin Williams

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