Our Door is Always Open

wombatsLast week our office here in San Mateo, California was privileged with the presence of Roxanne Missingham, director of the Australian National University Library.  She was over here for a meeting and was gracious enough to spend the good part of a day visiting with us. We discussed what was “top of mind” for her at ANU and what kinds of things we do here at OCLC Research.

We greatly value in-person meetings like this, as we can never have enough of these opportunities where we can spend some quality time with an individual partner. So I wanted to take Roxanne’s visit as an opportunity to once again invite any of our OCLC Research Library Partners to drop by anytime you are in the neighborhood.

And by “the neighborhood” I mean anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, or even simply passing through the San Francisco Airport (SFO) with a bit of a layover. Our office is only ten minutes away from SFO and we would be happy to swing by and pick you up for a quick visit.

Since we’ve known Roxanne for some years (for example, during her time at the National Library of Australia), she was savvy enough to know that we have a collection of wombats and wombat-related objects. Don’t ask. So she came bearing a wombat-related gift for us, a darling book, Wombat Stew. We proudly placed it with our growing collection in a cube near where I sit.

But don’t let that put you off. We will warmly welcome you whether you come bearing gifts or not. Seriously.

Roy Tennant works on projects related to improving the technological infrastructure of libraries, museums, and archives.