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September 29th, 2005 by Günter

This blogging thing is really starting to work for me – no, I’m not talking so much about my own attempts at sharing my inner-most thoughts and insights with the world at large (or shall we say the exactly 100 subscribers we have according to Bloglines as we come up on our 3 months blogging anniversary on October 1st), I’m talking about being a consumer of blogs. Recently, I’ve especially enjoyed following some of the discussions around the concept of Web 2.0 in the blogosphere. For those of you who haven’t picked up on this new buzzword yet (and by the way, buzzwords are now being promoted to memes, or so it seems), you can find a succinct summary of Web 2.0 characteristics and many pointers beyond at Paul Miller’s insightful blog. Lorcan Dempsey has posted a graphic by Tim O’Reilly (who, by the way, also writes a blog I enjoy reading), which shows the technologies and ideas populating the Web 2.0 space.

If I had to summarize in one sentence what Web 2.0 means to me at this point (and what it means to me may be far from conclusive), I’d say that it’s a conversation about all the nifty tricks data can perform if it’s provided in a way which invites others to participate and collaborate in its exploitation. My excitement about my bank’s online portfolio management feature as chronicled here, for example, was Web 2.0 excitement. A lot of the Web 2.0 talk sounds familiar – hallmark features are virtues the cultural heritage community has espoused for years now, such as interoperability, modularity, collaboration, end-user participation, etc., but it’s refreshing to see those ideas dressed up in a new garb, and backed up by some new technologies as delivery mechanisms.

Too bad none of us will be able to go to the upcoming Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco – let’s just say that at $2795 a pop, it was not an item that would have gone unnoticed as an unbudgeted expense! Another way in which this blogging thing is really starting to work – at least some of us will have the good fortune of having drinks with Paul Miller & colleagues just after they’ve stepped off the plane – he offered to meet up in a response to one of my previous postings. Thanks, Paul!

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2 Responses to “Works for me…”

  1. Paul Miller Says:

    I look forward to meeting up… although can make no promises as to lucidity!

  2. » Blog Archive » Metaphors and Visions Says:

    [...] If you like big metaphors and glowing visions of our technological future, I recommend that you read this article on Web 2.0. Even if you don’t enjoy that sort of thing, I still think this is a fine and instructive read – it provides a solid idea of how a number of fairly recent technologies and services such as virtual clipping, blogs and social bookmarking create a completely new information ecology. In moving from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0, the author asserts, each piece of information can be “analyzed, repackaged, digested, and passed on down to the next link in the chain.” Good-bye isolated bits of information, welcome to the intricate fabric of re-woven threads of ideas and content. [...]