Our upcoming meeting, Libraries and Research: Supporting Change/Changing Support

SC_CS_EventPageThose of us who work with institutions that are engaged with the OCLC Research Library Partnership are all abuzz about our upcoming meeting, Libraries and Research: Supporting Change/Changing Support.

The meeting on 11-12 June (exclusively for OCLC Research Library Partners) will put a spotlight on how the evolving nature of academic research practices and scholarship places new demands on research library services. Shifting attitudes toward data sharing, methodologies in eScholarship, and rethinking the very definition of scholarly discourse all have implications for the library. But it is not only the research process that is changing — research universities are evolving in new directions, often becoming more outcome-oriented, changing to reflect the increased importance of impact assessment, and competing for funding. Libraries are taking on new roles and responsibilities to support change in research and in the academy. As they are preparing to meet new demands and position themselves for the future, libraries themselves are changing, both in their organizational structure and in their alliances with other parts of the university and with external entities.

We are also planning an optional, pre-meeting workshop on 10 June — Evolving Scholarly Record and Evolving Stewardship Ecosystem. The workshop is co-organized by OCLC Research and DANS (Data Archiving and Networked Services), one of the major research data archiving centers in the Netherlands. This workshop will cover the evolving scholarly record and the role of libraries, data archives, repositories and other stakeholders in its stewardship. Registration is now open to all interested staff from libraries, data archives, repositories, and other stakeholders who have a mission for collecting, making available and preserving the scholarly record.

Amsterdam, view from the Doubletree Hilton. Photo by Screenpunk, cc by-nc 2.0

Amsterdam, view from the Doubletree Hilton. Photo by Screenpunk, cc by-nc 2.0

So if you are in the Partnership and have not yet signed up, or if you are interested in the pre-meeting workshop, please join us. It won’t hurt that we’ll have Amsterdam as a backdrop for our discussions and deliberations!


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