San Mateo open house

On February 15th, we had an open house at the OCLC offices in San Mateo. It was about time.

  • We moved in October
  • We spent a lot of November and December getting settled in, finishing all of the “little things” (like building conference rooms!)
  • January was a blur, with ALA and other trips taking up a lot of RLG Programs attention
  • In February, our Research Scientist Dublin-based Programs and Research colleagues were visiting, so, it was time to invite the neighbors, raise a glass, and toast our accomplishments (and our new building).

Here are some photos of our shindig. The weather was great, although we can hardly take credit for that.

Our balcony
Our Balcony

Jeff Ubois, Stu Weibel, Brewster Kahle, and Thom Hickey
Jeff Ubois, Stu Weibel, Brewster Kahle, and Thom Hickey

Food (and good company) draws a crowd
Food draws a crowd

We’ve decided (retrospectively) to dub this the first Bay Area ultra-un-conference. We challenge the California Digital Library, Berkeley, Stanford, or others to offer up the next opportunity. Any takers?

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