The Most Edited Book Records in WorldCat

February 7th, 2014 by Roy

hungergamesIn my last post I identified the most edited records in WorldCat, which, no surprise, were all serials. Someone who read the post asked about this information by format (e.g., books, maps, scores, etc.). I doubt that I will get to all of the various formats, but I decided to take a look at books.

Unlike serials, for which I noted those that had 60 or more edits, for books I had to lower the threshold to 40 to get any at all (the most edited item had 58 edits). So here are the book records which have been edited more than 39 times in WorldCat (in no particular order):

An inevitable conclusion from the above seems to be that the more libraries that hold a book the more likely a cataloger will be to touch the record for it, which would explain how Harry Potter and the Hunger Games books made it on the list.

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