Scheduling your dose of Metadata for the New Year!

I’m sure you all know the feeling: you’re looking forward to the brand spanking New Year 2008, but you feel a moment of panic when you realize that after the ball has dropped in Times Square, you may not have enough Metadata on your calendar. “Spotlight on Metadata” to the rescue!

I’ll let its creator Glen Wiley, Metadata Librarian at Cornell, explain things in his own words:

I get frustrated with trying to keep up with professional development events related to metadata. As a result, I’ve created a Google calendar of metadata events that I hear about. Please have a look at the calendar at

The calendar is mostly made up of metadata-related events from D-Lib Meetings, Conferences, and Workshops,
I also post events that come across listservs (Metadatalibrarians, AUTOCAT, DLF, DSpace, EAD, JISC-Repositories, METS, Web4lib, XML4lib,etc). If you hear of any national or international events that you don’t see on the calendar, please e-mail me at .

Picked up on the Metadatalibrarians mailing list ( Thanks, Glen! It’s great to have one place to check what’s going on!