Welcome to John MacColl!

I am (and we are) pleased to welcome John MacColl to RLG Programs. John will be working with RLG Program Partners and other organizations in the UK, Ireland, and the rest of Europe. We’ll really benefit from having eyes and ears on the ground in this part of the world, so this is good news for us.

We’re especially lucky to have John on our team. Not only does John bring his talents (the press release reflects a long list of accomplishments), but he’s a really great guy. I met John just a few months ago, in September, and I was struck by what a warm, intelligent person he is. While we understand that Edinburgh University Library is lamenting their loss, we are all looking forward to working with John. Edinburgh’s loss is certainly our gain, and in some small way hopefully this will benefit Edinburgh, and we gain more insight into their challenges and priorities.

John will be based at University of St Andrews in Scotland. I’ve visited St Andrews before, but until yesterday I didn’t know that it’s St Andrews and not “St. Andrew’s” — the university dates from before punctuation. Or so I was informed.