Conference wishlist?

Lorcan forwarded a pointer to this blog posting by Pete Johnson, which enumerates desirables in a conference or event. I agree with Pete, I’d like to have wireless at all conferences, I always appreciate varied (and vegetarian) food options, I’d like a minimum of paper (a lot of it does seem like junkmail or spam, in the end), and if I never get another conference bag, it will be too soon.

As we are planning more and more events, it would be useful for us (me!) to hear more about the little things that make events work. Leave a comment or send an email.

One Comment on “Conference wishlist?”

  1. Merrilee,

    After the recent SAA meeting in Chiagao, I wrote a list of things I wanted to remember for the next conference I attend. Take a look here:

    The main point I have that speaks to what is on your list is the desire for decent food (whatever that means to each person). This year in Chicago I found myself easily distracted by all the goings on before realizing I hadn’t eaten for way too long – and then not being sure where to turn for sustenance.

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