The RLG Union Catalog – the last record*

As you know the last year has seen an enormous amount of effort invested in the integration of the RLG Union Catalog (still called RLIN by lots of its long-time users; here’s the Internet archive page describing the Research Libraries Information Network ) with OCLC’s main database, WorldCat. You know this because many of you had to plan for changes in your workflow and establish new practices to take advantage of the features afforded by the enriched WorldCat.

I’m proud of the integration team based here in Mountain View and those in Dublin. My RLG colleagues ensured that their decades of work in building the union catalog were honored by fully investing themselves in successfully migrating the data to WorldCat. At the same time my new Dublin colleagues made this effort their first priority and took seriously the need to execute it with minimal disruption to our users. Everyone did a great job!

Throughout this effort my RLG Programs colleague, Karen Smith-Yoshimura, was indefatigable and ubiquitous. She is finally ready to step back from these service responsibilities and give her energy to a variety of programmatic concerns like our projects related to Renovating Descriptive and Organizing Practices. She pointed out to me that on August 6, 2007 the very last record* was loaded into the RLG Union Catalog.

And just by way, OCLC has long celebrated each million record milestone by awarding a Gold Record to the institution who contributed the record. I think that the folks out here in the California office have a claim on a few of the gold records between the 77th and 82nd million-record milestones since a lot of those records came from the RLG Union Catalog loads into WorldCat. I’ve always wanted some gold records on our office walls…

So the very last record loaded into the RLG Union Catalog came from Library and Archives Canada and looks like this in all its tagged wonderfulness:

001 ONCGCN2007904206-F

007 vd·nv··un

008 070723s2007····bcc—········s···vneng··

016 ·· ‡a20079042066

020 ·· ‡a9780973835410 :‡c$59.95

035 ·· ‡a(CaOONL)20079042066

040 ·· ‡aCaOONL‡beng‡cCaOONL

055 ·3 ‡aRS164‡bM84 2007

082 0· ‡a615/.321‡222

100 1· ‡aMulders, Evelyn,‡d1959-

245 10 ‡aWestern herbs for eastern meridians & five element theory‡h[videorecording] :‡bworkshop DVD /‡cby Evelyn Mulders.

260 ·· ‡aLake Country, B.C. :‡bTri Lite Production,‡c2007.

263 ·· ‡a0707

650 ·0 ‡aHerbs‡xTherapeutic use.

650 ·0 ‡aMedicine, Chinese.

650 ·0 ‡aEnergy psychology.

I’ve stared at it a lot trying to read into it some serendipitous meaning. At the end of the day, I think it’s just a bib record. We’re proud of it just like all the others.

* it’s really the last ‘batch’ loaded record; on August 31, 2007 somebody will input the last online record…

Jim coordinates the OCLC Research office in San Mateo, CA, focuses on relationships with research libraries and work that renovates the library value proposition in the current information environment.