Changes to comments

You can tell it’s Friday afternoon, because I’m fiddling with the blog. For some reason, tech housekeeping tasks are a very satisfying way for me to end the week. I guess I’m just a geek that way.

I’ve changed our comments so that now they requires reCAPCHA verification. For those of you who haven’t heard about reCAPCHA, in a nutshell, it both verifies that you are a human and assists with validating suspect OCR (optical Character recognition) for the Open Content Alliance.

We are a WordPress blog, and use SpamKarma2 to block comment spam. SpamKarma is pretty good, but I’m tired of deleting the (numerous) comments that get stuck in moderation. And I occasionally I have to delete a comment that’s snuck past SpamKarma. I find dealing with comment spam to be really depressing, so I hope that adding the reCAPCHA will serve both my purposes and will also help serve scholarship in a small way.

More about reCAPCHA here, information about the WordPress reCAPCHA PlugIn here. I’ll try to give my impressions of how it’s working in a few weeks.