Happy Birthday HangingTogether!

Today marks the 7th anniversary of this blog (and the first time we’ve noted it here). We’ve marked a lot of changes over the last 7 years, and we also have a lot of stats to share. By the numbers, we’ve had 673 posts (make that 674) and 741 comments (why are you so quiet?); thanks to Spam Karma and reCAPTCHA we’ve trapped almost 95,000 spam comments; according to Feedburner, we have 1860 subscribers (you are in good company!).

When we started the blog in 2005 our original contributors were Jim, Günter, Anne, and me — all voices from the Research Libraries Group and our Member Programs division. Karen and Constance started posting in late 2006, and were joined in by Brian, who we gained after the merger between RLG and OCLC. Dennis joined our ranks in 2007, along with new additions Roy and Jennifer. In 2008, we added John (who added British spelling and a Scottish voice) as well as Ricky. Jackie joined in 2009. Bruce started contributing in 2011 with a short lived but popular (according to our stats) series called “What We’re Reading”. Nancy also lent her voice to the choir in 2011, to introduce the new OCLC Research Library Partnership. And in 2012, we’re pleased to have Max join our ranks.

We’ve been through a lot together in the late seven years — new hires and departures (Günter, Anne, and John); weddings and births; illness; grants; papers published, webinars given, conferences planned and attended. Lots of phone calls, across many timezones. Too many emails to count. But through it all we’ve been hanging together. On that note, I’ll leave you with a a link to our very first post, for an explaination of our name (a declaration of dependence), and a link to Roy’s post Of Rivers and RLG where he makes the connection between rafting, teamwork, and riding the rapids of change. This blog is and has been about that change, and about how libraries and archives can make the transition together, without falling out of the boat. Thanks for being along for the ride.

Birthday Cake -- help us blow out the candles!
Birthday Cake — help us blow out the candles!