Welcome, Roy!

As usual, we’ve been scooped by our own colleagues and others, but it’s not too late to give our new colleague Roy Tennant a warm welcome to RLG Programs. This is not the first time I’ve worked with Roy — we worked together in the UC Berkeley Libraries, where we had many, um, passionate and spirited discussions about all sorts of things. Since then, we’ve worked in related areas and stayed in touch and I’m thrilled that Roy is joining our team. I look forward to more boisterous discussions in the near future!

One Comment on “Welcome, Roy!”

  1. I remember those “passionate and spirited discussions” with a great deal of fondness, and look forward to more! If you can’t be spirited and passionate about what you spend all day doing, then surely you are in the wrong profession.

    But as you know, I’ve been a fan of much of the recent work of RLG Programs — most notably RedLightGreen, which surely must go down in the annals of librarianship as a seminal breakthrough in library catalog design.

    So thanks for the warm welcome, I look forward to joining your impressive team and having many more passionate (but respectful) discussions!

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