Return from the Moon…

As Anne has noted, we don’t often blog about personal issues. Keen readers of HangingTogether may have noticed that I have been absent for some time. There’s a good reason for that.

On November 5th, RedLightGreen was turned off and users were redirected to On November 6th, my daughter was born. I was away from work until just before ALA. I told colleagues that reemerging in this fashion was like coming back from the moon, although I’m sure my reentry was much less traumatic than that of a cosmic voyager. There was more email and catch up than I would have thought possible, but I’m through it now. I’m back, baby!

Speaking of transitions, last week we said goodbye to our friend and colleague Anne Van Camp, who has left RLG Programs to become the director of the Smithsonian Institution Archives. Anne accomplished a tremendous amount in her 10 years at RLG (and nearly one year at OCLC!), and I’m confident she’ll have a similar impact at the Smithsonian. Goodbye Anne! You will be missed….

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  1. Merrilee, a belated congratulations on the birth of your daughter! And welcome back.

    And, please pass along best wishes to Anne! Sounds like an exciting new job for her. I can believe she will really be missed.

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