A little about the OCLC Research Library Partnership

Back in April, Jim wrote about the OCLC Research Library Partnership, which launched in July. It’s been an exciting few months, and I thought I would share some facts and figures that I pulled together.

As of September 1st, there are 153 institutions who have joined the Partnership. Of these, 105 (or 66%) were part of the “old” RLG Partnership. 11 institutions who had been affiliated with RLG rejoined. What was most surprising (delightfully so) is that 41 institutions who had never been affiliated decided to join. This means that 27% of the Partnership is new, which is both a great opportunity in terms of new energy and ideas and also a challenge in terms of getting institutions up to speed in our activities.

What else can we say about the Partnership? 77% are from the US and Canada, but 23 percent are from Europe and Asia, which means that we are more international than ever. If you look across other library organizations for comparison, we have almost 50% of ARL members represented in our ranks, as well as almost 60% of RLUK members among our numbers.

You can view a full list of our current partners on our website.

Nancy has worked with the research library community since 1984 when she took her first professional position at the University of Michigan. In 1989 she began work at RLG and for several years focused on developing standards and best practices for preservation microfilming. By the mid-1990s she had moved into the more generalized arena of membership development, leading efforts to attract and retain new members in Europe and North America. Nancy left OCLC in 2014.

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