Welcome, musematic.net!

[Originally posted 04/17/2004 – No 1 in our “re-live the moment” series.]

I’ve oracled about it before, and now it’s finally here: the joint Museum Computer Network (MCN) and AAM Media & Technology blog musematic.net is open for business! As a member of both boards, I’ve been intimately involved in setting up this blog, so excuse my giddy glee at being able to announce its launch. Similar to hangingtogether, musematic provides varied entertainment by hosting the opinions of a number of bloggers. The cast is quite diverse and impressive, so expect posts on far-ranging topics in the field of museum technology.

Already, there are a good half-a-dozen posts giving a good sense of the voices you’ll hear – Holly Witchey (Cleveland Museum of Art) struck twice with posts on ethical dilemmas in museums (somehow she manages to drag Madonna into this) and a quite hilarious piece on her first adventure in secondlife.com. Nik Honeysett (J.Paul Getty Trust) has mocked-up an interview with “Bob the IT Guy,” which I predict is destined to become a classic. (Nik, I hope Bob will make future appearances on the blog!) For those who need it, Richard Urban (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) gives a little intro to blogging, reading blogs and the museum blogosphere, and Paul Marty has an equally useful post on website evaluation. While these last two bloggers represent a more academic point of view, Amalyah Keshet (Israel Museum, Jerusalem) brings an international perspective and an abiding interest in copyright. Peter Samis (San Francisco of Modern Art) needs no introduction. Paul Glenshaw (self-described as a “recovering museum employee” and “Dad to avid young museum-goers”) rounds out the field, and wrote the most recent post on sustaining technology in museum galleries.

I know I’ll be reading, what can I say. Together with Rob Lancefield (Davison Art Center, Wesleyan University), I’ll stay involved behind the scenes to help hold the blog together and motivate should motivation be needed. Please stop by, subscribe, and don’t forget to leave comments to spur on this talented cast of (mostly) fledgling bloggers!