Short pencils

Have you ever wondered where the short pencils (in use at mini golf and library locations) come from? Wonder no more! Great footage from the Prelinger Archives. Merrilee

Battling spam at the network level

I’ve been working through some comment spam issues (for any of you who’ve looked at our comments, you may have noticed!). For a while I turned comments off completely, and then just trackbacks. I don’t like feeling like I’m under the control of spammers and I disliked the idea of shutting down comments and trackbacks. …


San Mateo open house

On February 15th, we had an open house at the OCLC offices in San Mateo. It was about time. We moved in October We spent a lot of November and December getting settled in, finishing all of the “little things” (like building conference rooms!) January was a blur, with ALA and other trips taking up …


Changing publishing models and impact on libraries

An article and a blog post have me thinking about how shifts in publishing will impact libraries, both on the collections side and on the metadata side. The article from the Wall Street Journal details Random House’s experimentation with selling books by the chapter. In this case, the work being sold is “Made to Stick: …


At the event – MCN

I held off on blogging about the MCN annual conference in Chicago because my research colleague Jean Godby and I actually wrote up a little piece on the event. You can now find a summary of what piqued our interest at this 40th anniversary conference of the Museum Computer Network in the latest issue of …


Giving New Orleans music a home in DC

As a footnote to a previous post (where I confessed my deep love of WWOZ in New Orleans), I was happy to hear that the Library of Congress is giving a home to WWOZ’s extensive broadcast collection of music and interviews. Collected since 1982, weighing in at over 3,000 hours, and made up of many …


Support for SAA IP Working Group

(This went out on RLG Announce earlier today. You can subscribe to RLG Announce if you are an RLG Programs Partner.) I’m pleased to report that RLG Programs is giving support to the Society of American Archivists Intellectual Property Working Group. We’ll be providing funding for an Orphaned Works Investigation Best Practices Retreat, which will …