LC-Flickr: updating the catalog

In the context of John MacColl’s guest blog on Karen Calhoun’s Metalogue, I was reminded of the stats from the LC-Flickr project pertaining to changes LC made in their own catalog prompted by insightful Flickr comments. When I last updated my Flickr slides for a class at Syracuse University, I found 174 records containing the …


A Map to Destinations Uncrawled

As part of what we’re trying to accomplish in the “Modeling New Service Infrastructures” part of the RLG Work Agenda, I’ve been working on a white paper on best practices for enhancing disclosure of library, museum and archive content at the network level. Using a sitemap to better expose content to web search engines such …


More on Flickr

A few more Flickr related things: The Boston Public Library has posted photos to Flickr. Like Library of Congress, the collections are open to commentary and tags, although initially they were not. From a brief scan of the collection, there are considerably fewer comments on the items than on items in LCs Flickr collections. I …


Browsing audio

Recently I realized that I’m spending almost as much time in “professional listening” as I am doing “professional reading”. So many interviews, Webcasts, TED talks, Google Tech Talks, and the like! So I was intrigued indeed when I read about Searching Video Lectures, a tool from MIT that leverages decades of speech-recognition research to convert …


Visual reminder

A visual reminder of how many places we have to search. Far from complete., LibraryThing, etc. are not even on the list. Merrilee

Books are objects too

Lorcan recently brought my attention to a conference where he will be speaking. It’s the mid-term meeting of LIBER where they will have a think tank on the future value of the book as artefact and the future value of digital documentary heritage at the National Library of Sweden in Stockholm 24-25 May 2007. I’m …


A wonderful specimen of a user!

We’re always on the look-out for this mystical creature called “the user,” and I am exited to report a public sighting: for a good hour during the Bibliographic Control Working Group public meeting, we had a superb specimen right in front of us. Dr. Timothy Burke, an Associate Professor in the Department of History at …